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Disneyland Has A Halloween Flamin’ Hot Mac & Cheese Cone Made For Instagram

Disneyland is famous for serving up some hype and over-the-top theme park food creations. Their newest one, a flamin’ hot mac & cheese cone, is a spicy spin on mac & cheese that evokes the Halloween spirit.

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Dubbed the Slow Burnin’ Mac & Cheese Cone, the new item is found in Disneyland’s California Adventure, over at the Cozy Cone Motel inside of Cars Land. It is made up of a charcoal-colored bread cone is filled with a spicy mac n cheese, made with a warm red pepper cheese sauce. The entire thing is topped with “crushed chile-cheese puffs,” which are basically Disney’s version of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. The cone retails for $8.99.

Jet black foods and Flamin’ Hot Cheetos are currently both hot on social media, and Disney managed to incorporate both into one food to make it look good for the ‘gram. Based on some of the pictures we’ve seen, the stark contrast between the black cone and orange mac n cheese is already looking pretty sharp, and is a cool addition to any Insta-foodie’s feed.

The fiery mac n cheese cone will only be available until October 31st, giving park visitors a short time frame to try it and the other Halloween-themed eats out.

By Constantine Spyrou

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