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Disneyland Is Selling Donut Mouse Ears That Look Good Enough To Eat


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We’ve seen some cool ears come out of Disneyland’s merchandising, but these might just be the most eye-catching. At least for a donut lover. While they aren’t edible, the magical theme park is kicking off 2019 strong with the addition of new Minnie Mouse Donut Ears that look tasty enough to dunk into a cup of hot coffee.

Instagrammer Jennifer Stowell, AKA @jollypoppins7, discovered this vibrant new headband at the Emporium on Main Street in the main Disneyland park.

The headband features a bright pink color with two pink sprinkle donuts sitting on top as ears, packaged together with a blue bow. Kind of the perfect gift for a donut-loving Disney fiend.

Photo and feature image courtesy of Jennifer Stowell

Before tax, the ears should cost about $27.99, the influencer reports. Though if you’re an annual pass holder, I’m sure you’ll be able to get a bit of a discount.

Man, I may have to renew my pass soon. Really missing out on all this Disney news coming in.

By Peter Pham

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