Disney Might Buy The Food Network…We Imagine Miley vs. Paula Showdown


Apparently owning the happiest place on earth, a publisher, a comic book publisher, the largest sports news network, movie production and your own channel just didn’t do it for Disney. With the recent news of the Scripps Networks’, which owns The Travel Channel, HGTV and The Food Network, controlling family trust disbanding, Bloomberg has reported that Disney may just be the top candidate to take over. According to the report, this allegedly would be a move to draw a larger female audience. Who knew I wasn’t supposed to love The Food Network and HGTV… at least they didn’t mention the DIY channel!

So what would a Disney owned Food Network look like? Here are some thoughts and moments that I, for one, am excited about:

When Paula Deen tells Miley Cyrus that cigarettes will kill her, and Miley turns back to Paula and says, “Really? Butter check yourself!”

When Mickey tells Robert Irvine to stop making people cry.

When they come out with a new show: Phineas and Herb: How to cook with spices and plants.


When Ted Allen looks at Zac Efron and says, “I’m sorry Chefron, but you’ve been chopped!” Looks like it’s Seventeen Sous Chef Again for you Zac.

Photos Courtesy ThemeParkCanuckEater

By Joey Nargizian

Joey is the 2017 Chopped champion. He also runs for President in 2020. But right now he is just eating, writing and playing soccer (not all at once). Pretty amazing trajectory if you ask him.

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