Dismembered, Rum-Filled Chocolate Hands and Feet


I really hope you already ate breakfast/lunch/dinner. These rum-filled, hand-painted gnarly treats come from none other than Miss Cakehead herself, the same lady who brought you STD cupcakes.

The macabre chocolates were prepared for her annual Eat Your Heart Out pop-up in London that runs from October 25th to the 27th this year. The life-sized hands and feet were crafted by the talented folks over at All Mine Patisserie and are filled with Kraken Rum, who also happens to be sponsoring the event. The event will be titled “Feed The Beast,” a fitting name for an occasion filled with exposed bone marrow and bloody fingernails.



Ugh, shiver.

PicThx Eat Your Heart Out

By Charisma Madarang

Charisma has an undying love for gritty literature and drinks coffee like water. She also hails from Toronto, Canada and is a die-hard Maple Leafs fan, sigh.

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