dineLA in Los Angeles Offers Glimpse At How City Restaurant Weeks Could Look Now

I’m afraid I’m gonna have to invoke a phrase that has been the epitome of being used ad nauseam in 2020: the new normal. It’s application has overlapped all aspects of our lives, with the food world feeling a major impact. The effect has rippled throughout all facets of dining culture, from restaurants shuttering in heartbreaking fashion to food festivals having to pivot into iterations that are stark differences from the usual.

The iconic dineLA Restaurant Week is one such festival that’s reconfigured itself into innovations that still bear the spirit of Los Angeles’ dining scene within the parameters of a pandemic. For the summer season of dineLA, going on from September 1 through September 18, the main focus has been to highlight restaurant experiences through the lens of al fresco dining, takeout, and delivery. This of course reenforces the need to social distance, all while not sacrificing the essence of enjoying the city’s many restaurant options at a budget-friendly cost.

Of the numerous options participating in this summer’s dineLA Restaurant Week, here’s a few worth noting that are Foodbeast-approved for a unique experience.


Ever wanted to experience modern Filipino food fit for a family feast? Tatang in North Hollywood is offering a $65 family-style feast that includes some delicious favorites like their beef brisket tapa and chicken sisig.


What’s a true dineLA experience without some top-notch slabs of juicy, dry-aged beef? Fulfill that scenario by checking out Bourbon Steak, where they’re offering large format steaks like a 32 oz. Porterhouse or a 38 oz. double cut bone-in ribeye. So take that steakhouse craving home and tuck into a beefy food coma ASAP.


For $35 you can take a cheesy dip into dineLA headfirst by choosing Severance Wine Bar. Melty Emmental and Gruyere cheeses get together for a fondue dining experience that includes dunking fixtures like a French baguette, fingerling potatoes, and veggies.


For a safe dine-in option, Sushi|Bar is one to consider if you’re missing some top-tier sushi. Their $65 option includes fresh choices like king crab, giant clam, spot prawn, red snapper, and even bone marrow.


The Original Farmers Market is more choices within the choices that dineLA already offers. It’s a choice-ception, friends. Peruse the legendary open-air market for a fried chicken fix at Fritzi Coop, falafels at Moishe’s Restaurant or festive Mexican fare at Trejo’s Tacos.

By Reach Guinto

Reach loves the Lakers, fried chicken, and a well-executed DDT. He came out the womb with a fried egg on top of his head.