Diddy & Mark Wahlberg Launch ‘AQUAhydrate’ Water, Inks Partnership with LA Clippers


Yes, Sean “Diddy” Combs and Mark Wahlberg have combined their rapper-acting-producer talents in a joint venture with AQUAhydrate, a Southern California-based water brand. Combs and Wahlberg will work with CEO John Cochran (former President of Fiji Water) to oversee the company’s business strategy and to build key retail partnerships for the brand.

While the collab between Diddy and Wahlberg is interesting enough, the product itself, “AQUAhydrate,” hardly sounds revolutionary. According to a company announcement, “AQUAhydrate is a high performance water without the sugar and calories found in traditional sports drinks or vitamin enhanced beverages. The product’s combination of performance-grade electrolytes and a higher pH level of 9+ has caught the attention of elite athletes, active health-conscious consumers, and celebrities looking to perform at the top of their game.”

So . . . Smart Water revamped? It seems like the marketing play for the product will not be the actual item itself but its association with famed celebs and athletes. Already on the path to name-brand success, AQUAhydrate signed an official partnership with the LA Clippers, allowing their product to be distributed to the team on and off the court. A smart move, seeing as the Clippers seem to be everyone’s new favorite bandwagon to jump on.


By Charisma Madarang

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