Pizza Cronuts Exist And Here’s Exactly How To Make It


While the hype of the Cronut is slowing dying down, Nick from DudeFoods decided to take one final stab at the popular pastry. His version, however, is partially a pizza.

Inspired by his recent trip to New York City, Nick decided he wanted to create a Pizza Cronut. He took some croissant dough and used a glass cup to cut perfect circles. Nick then stacked them into five layers and added cheese between each layer.

The croissant dough stack is introduced to the deep fryer until its golden brown. Once it’s removed and drained of excess oils, the donut is topped with more cheese and pepperoni. At 375, it’s ready for the oven for about 7 minutes until everything’s nice and melted together. Beautiful.

Check out the video below or follow DudeFoods on Instagram for more dope recipes.

Pizza Cronut || #FoodbeastFamily

PIZZA CRONUT, you are amazing for this! || #foodbeast

Posted by Foodbeast on Monday, January 11, 2016

By Peter Pham

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