A Look At Mountain Dew’s Foray Into Craft Soda: DewShine


Expect to see a “shinier” side of Mountain Dew on grocer shelves sometime this month. It was announced that the new craft-variant of Mountain Dew, called “DewShine,” will soon be making a national release.

Keeping in line with the recent emergence of craft soda variants of popular soft drinks, Mountain Dew is the next to unveil their newest contender. The soda is a clear, citrus-flavored beverage that’s made with real cane sugar, not the regular high-fructose corn syrup you find in regular soft drinks.

DewShine takes its name from moonshine alcohol, and is also said to be inspired by the soda company’s home-brewed mountain roots.

The DewShine bottles will be available in packs of four, each bottle holding 12 ounces.

By Peter Pham

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