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Kid Scientist Shows How Bad Mountain Dew And Coca-Cola Rot Teeth [WATCH]


We all know that drinking sugary sodas aren’t good for us, but we hardly ever get to see a good visual of its effects — until we ran across this kid scientist’s video.

Young Chase Wiley of the ScienceC YouTube channel used two of his little sister’s wisdom teeth, weighed them, and left them to dissolve in nothing but Mountain Dew and Coca-Cola to compare the varying results. After three weeks, the findings were quite startling.

After Wiley took out the teeth from each soda, he weighed them again and found that the tooth submerged in Mountain Dew lost 14 percent of its initial mass, while the tooth in Coca-Cola only lost 7 percent of its mass.


While Coca Cola is more acidic than Mountain Dew, Dew actually has stronger acid and does more damage.

“… It has more acid than Coca Cola. this means that it takes longer for the saliva in your mouth to dilute that acid.”

Both of the teeth look pretty grody, and while our’s usually aren’t sitting in soda for weeks, it’s pretty gross to think that these drinks have such an effect on our pearly whites.

Check out the decaying results from Tom Scott’s featured upload below:

By Isai Rocha

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