Despite Gay Marriage Controversy, Chick-fil-A Benefiting From Backlash


So, you know how earlier this summer Chick-fil-A made public its stance against gay marriage? If you don’t remember that, you might remember unwittingly visiting your local Chick-fil-A in August, only to see lines out the door and around the building as supporters of the chicken chain came to show their appreciation…and to also get some lunch.

Chick-fil-A, already famous (or infamous) for closing up nationally on Sundays, faced backlash from more than just gay marriage supporters, as a national fallout was predicted from the polarizing decision. And yet as the year winds down, Chick-fil-A appears to have come out on top.

According to Business Insider, consumer use, market share, and ad awareness have all seen notable increases since the initial controversy, indicating Chick-fil-A hasn’t suffered, but in fact benefited from its otherwise controversial stance.

Stats from the study by research firm Sandelman & Associates:

  • Consumer use was up 2.2 % in Q3 compared to the year prior
  • Market share up 0.6 %
  • Total ad awareness up 6.5 %

Think Chick-fil-A’s lucky streak will last? And, perhaps more importantly, will it spur other companies to kick up a little dust in favor of increased income?

Via Business Insider/Photo Courtesy of Chick-fil-A

By Aziza Sullivan

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A few things:

* This is the first year that Chick Fil A has made a major ad impact on college football. Before it was just a bowl game, now their ads are all over college football (especially SEC)

* At least where I live, there are at least two more stand-alone stores open than from the 3rd quarter last year. They are in expanding mode.

Pretty obvious now this was all a marketing ploy. They hardly have any franchises in the Northern, liberal ‘blue states’, so the anti-gay comments by their CEO didn’t really stand to hurt their profit margins. But it did cause the religious fundamentalists in the south to swarm their stores droves, thinking they were rallying behind some sort of ideology. Because that’s just what Jesus wants: not for his followers to be tolerant and loving, but to buy chicken sammiches and waffle fries en masse. Amen.

How idiotic- did you factor in their Head of PR having a heart attack and dieing those first days of the backlash, when the public condemnatiion was at its height?

There are several stores in Cincinnati, and each and every one of them had lines around the block the day of the buycott. It wasn’t about being anti-gay, as so very many incandescently ignorant people seem to think. Nor was it about “doing what Jesus wants”. It was about supporting the owner’s First Amendment rights to support the causes he believes in.

How I long for the days that both political parties in this country pretended to respect the Constitution. The Democrats aren’t even trying any more.

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