Denny’s Is Selling Bacon Scarfs And Breakfast Skateboards


National American diner chain Denny’s is selling more than just breakfast dishes. The company recently announced they will be offering breakfast-related apparel customers can purchase. Imagine rolling into work dressed like a grand slam.

The new items include a bacon scarf, coffee mugs, skateboard decks, egg hoodies and shirts and coffee-scented candles.

Called the Breakfast Stuff Network, fans of the morning meal can buy any of the 12 breakfast-themed items the restaurant offers.

The website also posted an infomercial parody where customers can actually text the items they’re interested in and get a free item. The diner chain quickly ran out, promising to restock as soon as possible.

Denny’s sent over a few select items from their online store, and since Rudy was the first one at the office, he got dibs.

By Peter Pham

Pete's favorite foods include pizza, tacos and pretty much any kind of breakfast. He'll usually snap a photo or two while his food cools down.

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