Pizza Delivery Man Wins $4.4 Million Settlement After Being Shot 14 Times By Police

Being a pizza delivery driver can be a little terrifying if you think about it. Your job is to drive all around the city and hope nothing sketchy happens to you when you knock on that door.

For Philippe Holland of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, his nightmare didn’t consist of getting attacked by some hungry customer during his delivery. He didn’t even get tied up 30 Minutes or Less-style. No folks, the poor guy was actually shot by police officers who mistook him for an gunman back in 2014.

According to the Associated Press, the officers were in plain clothes and walked up to Holland. In a panic, Holland didn’t believe that they were really officers, and felt they were just trying to rob him. He got in his car, tried to drive off to safety, and was shot 14 freakin’ times.

Holland now has a permanent seizure disorder and chronic pain stemming from his injuries, which led him to sue the city of Philadelphia, getting $4.4 million in a settlement, on January 6.

The officers didn’t go unpunished. Well, at least not completely unpunished, as they are now on desk duty. They were not charged with a crime themselves, though.

Much respect to delivery drivers.

Hopefully we see less stories like this, and more stories like the one below:

By Isai Rocha

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