These Insane Deep-Fried S’MORES Are Stuffed With Chocolate And Coated In Graham Crackers


There have been a ton of impressive s’mores recipes in the last few months, but this one definitely takes the title. PeepMySneaks has invented a Deep Fried S’mores that’s creative, simple and looks ridiculously delicious.

First you hollow out a large marshmallow and fill it with chocolate chips. Then, stuff the chocolate hole with the marshmallows you scooped out. Cover the marshmallow in a layer of egg wash and coat it with crushed graham crackers.

Once the marshmallow is evenly dressed with graham crackers, you can start deep frying the s’more. When it’s golden brown, remove the s’more and enjoy. Just make sure you don’t burn your tongue in all the excitement.

Check out the complete recipe sick dishes at Peep My Eats.

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By Peter Pham

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