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How Much Coffee Did They Drink On The Death Star? [Infographic]

Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi is only a few days away and we’re chomping at the bit to bask in the glory of the upcoming space opera. As we try our best to avoid the Internet — because spoilers are far worse than a lump of coal for Christmas — we entertain ourselves with thoughts centered on the Star Wars universe.

One of which was: How much coffee did the Imperials actually drink on the Death Star?

It seems Coffee Tasting Club has the answer to this pressing question. Based on research taken from American consumer spending on brand name coffees and averages, they created this awesome infographic that details exactly how much coffee is consumed and served.

Before you go ahead and check out the infographic below, take your best guess.

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How much coffee do they drink on the Death Star?


By Peter Pham

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