DAW: Clever Baby Bib Turns Gross Messes Into Food Art

Baby Bib

Babies are smart cookies. It might seem like all they do is eat, sleep, poop and look cute (all of the above is true), but there’s so much more to little munchkins. The Goo Period Vincent Van Bib is here to expose that truth.

The concept is simple — you know how babies get super messy when they’re slobbering food all over themselves? Well, there’s hidden genius in said sloppy situation — most kiddos are actually just creating awesome works of goo art. The mashed-peas-meets-apple-juice-meets-cookie-crumbs combo makes for a beautiful bib painting, and such artistry is captured by a complimentary gold frame on this stylin’ tot accessory.

Even though the Vincent Van Bib might seem semi-gross, the huge upside is that it’s not necessarily only for babies. Seriously, who’s stopping you? It’s possible to make your own Goo Period piece on your lunch break for a small fee of $7 per bib. We say go for it.

Goo Period Vincent Van Bib $7 @Perpetual Kid

H/T Incredible Things + PicThx Perpetual Kid

By Cameron Simcik

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