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Dairy Queen’s Largest Grill & Chill Opens in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia DQ Grill & Chill

Dairy Queen, which boasts over 5,900 stores in the United States, has opened its largest Grill and Chill store to date in Saudi Arabia as part of five-year, 32-location expansion plan. The first Grill and Chill Operations in the US were opened in 2001 and include the traditional soft-serve offerings in addition to expanded food offerings including: Chicken Strip Baskets, Grillburgers and a Breakfast Menu.

The world’s largest Grill and Chill will have seating capacity for 240 people and encompasses 7,500 square feet. Dairy Queen has been active with expansion in the Middle East, now boasting locations in Bahrain, Oman and Qatar.

By Geoff Kutnick

Geoffrey Kutnick is the King of Soft Serve. Been placing ice cream in soup bowls at the buffet since '87.

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