Dairy Queen Worker Creates DIY Waffle Cone Blizzard Taco


Reddit user ILikeWhereThisIsGoin is a bona fide genius. “ILike,” an employee at Dairy Queen, created his own version of the Choco Taco using DQ’s thick waffle cone shell filled with their mint chocolate soft-serve blizzard drizzled in chocolate sauce. As one commentator pointed out, “I would passionately shove bananas in that.” Yes, our sentiments exactly.

It should be noted that prior to writing this post I was considering grabbing a sensible breakfast bagel around the corner. However, as soon as I laid eyes on this indulgent beauty, I promptly grabbed an ice cream bar out of the office fridge to satisfy my sudden appetite for a chilly dessert. Hey, can you blame me?

Heads up, DQ Headquarters, ILike is a lowkey mastermind. We recommend promoting this fellow before Taco Bell snatches him up to create the DLT version of desserts. Ice cream-flavored waffle cones anyone?


H/T Reddit + PicThx ILikeWhereThisIsGoin

By Charisma Madarang

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what a tease… you think that you or I will ever be able to get our hands on such a treat…. think again oh mighty drooler ….. these guys can make up all sorts of scrumptious things and post a picture of it and thats as close as we will ever come…. The bottom line corporations they work for would never allow anything so good to actually hit the market….. So….. Make-em at home and screw the places i say….

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