Dairy Queen Releases Loneliest Treat Ever Called ‘The Singles Blizzard’

In an attempt to make single people feel really bad about themselves this Valentine’s Day, the romantic masterminds over at Dairy Queen’s marketing team have come up with a particularly embarrassing treat to order out loud; a blizzard called the Singles Blizzard.

This blizzard comes with salted caramel truffles, a peanut butter topping, and Reese’s peanut butter cups, all blended together in a swirl of DQ’s classic vanilla soft serve.

This newest item on the menu is accompanied by a collection of interesting facts Dairy Queen has come across in order to righteously promote their newest product.

While the overall theme is clear, the execution on the advertising is sketchy to say the least. That being said, they did hit the nail on the head with many of the Valentine’s Day facts, especially the “least favorite things to hear when you’re single.”



Photo Credit: Delish, Business Wire

By Sean Fahmy

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