CUCAMELON: The Cucumber + Melon Hybrid You Didn’t Know Existed

The cucamelon is the newest trending fruit hybrid, and its small size and watermelon-like exterior is everything.

The tiny, citrusy, cucumber-flavored melons have the aesthetic of a watermelon but are the size of grapes. They’re so adorable that you’re likely to feel a sense of guilt when you bite into one.

Food and Wine states that the fruit has been around for centuries, originating in Mexico, and are also known as mouse melons. They’re a fruit with many names and have also been branded as chihuahua cucumbers, and Mexican sour gherkins.  

Cucamelons are the new cotton candy grapes and they’re extremely photogenic and way too cute not to Instagram!

How have we just now found out about these?! Thank you internet.

Organic cucamelons can be found at Whole Foods, however, keep an eye out for them at your local farmers market. Another way to get your paws on them is to purchase seeds on Amazon and grow your own!




Photo Credit: averycools

By Lauren Urrea

Lauren leads a healthy and active lifestyle. Healthy consists of only two food groups: desserts and Mexican food. Active is defined as the distance it takes to walk from the parking lot to the entrance gate at Disneyland.

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