Watch This CROQUE MADAME Burger Being Made To The Tune Of Our National Anthem

Last week we reported that Budweiser is temporarily swapping its iconic name for another one: America. We whooped, we cheered, we hollered, and now we’re pretty hungry to be honest, because The Naughty Fork just made a BURGER out of ‘America.’ Check it:

Comprised of a strategic layering of thick-cut honey baked ham, smoked gruyere cheese, fried egg, and bechamel sauce on a pretzel bun, you may have noticed that this American Beauty is not actually made from ‘America’ (or as only ’90s kids will remember, Budweiser). It was actually intended to complement America/Bud, as part of the brand’s ‘Bud and Burgers’ summer giveaway sweepstakes.

If anything, this burger’s even a bit French, as made evident by the name itself: the CROQUE MADAME burger. America, France… it’s like the Revolution all over again, only, less powdered wigs and more #yolkporn.

By Molly Shannon

Molly is the original krill queen and co-founder of the Boba Belt. She fancies a mean ramen burger, and a cold glass of nonfat milk.

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