The ‘Crookie’ Threatens to Dethrone the Cronut


For awhile, it seemed like the cronut would reign over other pastry plebs forever. Its light and flaky sweetness was an unmatched beauty and despite the wave of wannabe copycats, none could come close to the original’s perfection.

That is, until someone in Canada had the brilliant idea of packing “crushed Double Stuf Oreos and icing sugar” inside the delicate croissant dough. Oliver Jansen-Reynaud, the man behind the “crookie” and owner of Clafouti Patisserie et Cafe, created the novelty dessert when Toronto-based publication The Grid TO challenged him to concoct a dish using two distinct ingredients.

Naturally, French-born Jansen-Reynaud combined his love for croissants with his favorite cookie — Oreos. It’s “creamy and sweet, with the cream wrapping itself in the croissant dough and a crunchiness from the Oreo bits,” says the baker. The new crookies are currently being ordered by the dozen and as Thrillist notes, this “perfected dessert” (take that, cronut!) proves that Toronto is “good for more than just Wendel Clark in NHL ’94.”

H/T + PicThx Thrillist

By Charisma Madarang

Charisma has an undying love for gritty literature and drinks coffee like water. She also hails from Toronto, Canada and is a die-hard Maple Leafs fan, sigh.

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