Kickstarter For CRICKET-Based Cocktail Bitters Now Fully Funded


The right choice in bitters can make or break a cocktail. While not a critical component, bitters are used to add another level of flavor to your drinks. Most bitters are made from seeds, bark, herbs, roots or flowers. Critter Bitters, however, is made from something with a little more of a kick.

As you can guess from the name, Critter Bitters is most definitely made from insects. Crickets, to be exact. The crickets are toasted to create a sweet and nutty note to your drinks.

Insects are said to be a great source of protein that only needs a fraction of the water, land and food it takes to maintain livestock. The creators of the buggy product believe it’s a viable solution for preventing food shortage.

As of publication, the Kickstarter page has raised $22,165 of it’s $21,000 goal with six days still remaining. Guess folks are more than excited to spice up their drinks with cricket juice.

Since the goal has been reached, you can expect to find Critter Bitters available for purchase by next year.

By Peter Pham

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