Creepy Chocolate Skulls Feature Gummy and Walnut Brains


Chocolate skulls are nothing new. Though I feel like every attempt at making them is getting more and more creative. Ruth and Sira Garcia, a Spanish creative team, have whipped up a variety of skull-shaped chocolates that include realistic, exposed brains.

The duo calls the chocolate treats Chocolate Skulls Gone Nuts, since a prominent feature is walnuts acting as brains exposed through the chocolate skulls.

As far as creativity goes, A+ guys.

The two also have a candy design that uses white chocolate as a severed leg with gummy nerves hanging out. Gross-licious.

Unfortunately, because of their hectic work schedule, the pair are unable to make any Chocolate Skulls Gone Nuts for the time being. Anyone interested, however, should continue to check in with them for their next availability.

Hopefully they can crank some out before the Halloween season is over.

H/T Design Taxi

By Peter Pham

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