Japan Gets Cheetos Cream Stew in a Bag


Cheetos lovers in the Japan will soon be enjoying their favorite snack with a cream stew twist.  The non-traditional variation of the Frito-Lay snack is yet another in a line of unique flavors Cheetos Japan has offered (see: Pepsi-flavored Cheetos).

Cheetos’ Cream Stew combines the warm flavors of sweet corn with the creaminess of stew. Cream stew resembles beef stew, and is made from hashed beef or curry, blocks of mix and is boiled into a pot of meat and veggies. The result is bubbling deliciousness, making the thought of packaging this in a bag of Cheetos glorious.

The new flavor hits Japanese supermarket shelves on December 2nd through March 31st next year.

H/T + Picthx Inventor Spot

By Peter Pham

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