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CREAM Launches National Disaster Relief Fundraising Campaign For Three Days

Restaurants around the country, including national chain Romano’s Macaroni Grill, have been hosting fundraisers as of late to give back to those affected or assisting in the wide spectrum of disasters that have hit the United States recently. Now, cross-country ice cream sandwich purveyor CREAM is doing the same with a special national disaster relief fundraising campaign that will last for three days.

national disaster relief fundraising campaign

Photo courtesy of CREAM

From October 16th-18th, franchises of the ice cream shop will be donating 20% of their proceeds to organizations aiding in disasters based on the stores’ geographical location. Stores in the Northern California area will be giving their funds to Napa Valley Community Disaster Relief Fund to help those affected by the raging wildfires. CREAM shops in the Southern California/Orange County area will be donating to the American Red Cross, who aided in the vicious Canyon Fire 2 that occurred last week. Meanwhile, Bridge to Hope will receive the proceeds from locations in Florida to assist in Hurricane Irma relief. Finally, CREAM locations in Las Vegas will donate money to the Las Vegas Victims’ Fund to provide aid to those affected by the Route 91 Harvest Festival shooting.

In addition to the 20% of sales during that three-day span, customers also have the option to make additional contributions to each of the charities upon checkout.

For CREAM co-founder and president Gus Shamieh, the fundraiser represents a “bedrock principle” of giving back to CREAM’s community.

“The tragedies that have happened across the country have affected each and every one of us… Although there is nothing we can do to replace the lives lost in these tragic events, we wanted to give our communities an opportunity to give back and help support those affected.”

Any of CREAM’s ice cream, dessert sandwich, or baked goods options will count towards the fundraiser, so feel free to purchase whatever you like to help give to affected groups across the United States.

By Constantine Spyrou

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