Country Time Lemonade & Crystal Light – New Flavors For SodaStream

With the proliferation of soda and carbonated beverages, from the 100 Drink Soda Bar being slowly implemented at Fast Food/Fast Casual Chains like Del Taco and Boston Market to uFlavor, the online marketplace for user-generated drinks, consumers now have hundreds if not thousands of fizzy options. And this is BEFORE major brands vested themselves into DIY soda-at-home. The power is shifting to the consumer who will decide not only the size and flavor of their beverage, but the ratio of carbonation and syrup as well.

Kraft Foods announced earlier this week that two of its well-known beverage brands, distributed at grocery stores and retailers nationwide, will make the jump into the DIY soda-making with SodaStream. That’s right folks, starting as early as April 2012 consumers will have the option to carbonate Country Time Lemonade and various flavors of Crystal Light. This is an interesting play for Kraft since its not only taking name brand beverages to a new market but its also choosing traditionally non-carbonated beverages for the push.

Will Country Time and Crystal Light be the first of many major brands to jump into DIY soda-making? Do you think consumers might start making their own Pepsi or Coke at home? Time will tell…

And don’t forget how the FOODBEAST crew likes to carbonate traditionally non-carbonated beverages as well. Check out the FOODBEAST TV video of us carbonating coffee, milk and whisky:

By Geoff Kutnick

Geoffrey Kutnick is the King of Soft Serve. Been placing ice cream in soup bowls at the buffet since '87.

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Thanks for the uFlavor mention.  We just launched a few weeks ago and soon we’ll let everyone create the flavor of their choosing.  You’ll be able to combine ingredients, sweetener, flavor, etc… to make a truly unique beverage.  What’s on the bottle and what’s in the bottle.  Sodas, Flavored Waters, Teas, and Energy Drinks!  Join the Revolution!   

Thanks again!

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