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The Next Wacky Kit Kat Flavor Out Of Japan Is… Cough Drop?

Japan is without a doubt the most eccentric in terms of their commercially distributed food. If anything, they’re infamous for their mad science, creating unique flavors of confections that any American would find bizarre.

Kit-Kat Japan is known to be masters of the craft; with a display of flavors ranging from green tea to sushi. There’s nothing the Land of the Rising Sun won’t attempt when it comes to packaged foods.

cough drop kit kat

Photo By: PR Times

The next unusual Kit Kat to be released in Japan is a throat lozenge flavor. According to Nestle, the cough drop-flavored candy has a white chocolate coating with a 2.1 percent dose of throat lozenge flavor that boasts a “fresh and invigorating” flavor.

The inspiration for this unique cough drop Kit Kat is to promote the Japanese national soccer team’s FIFA 2018 run.  The idea was the flavor was developed to help fans ease the irritation when they cheer on their team.  In collaboration with Asahi TV, former soccer star and broadcaster, Yasutaro Matsuki is the gentleman featured on the packaging.

cough drop kit kat

Photo By: PR Times

As someone who’s tried just about every Japanese version of Kit Kat available here in the states, am I the only one who is intrigued to try what I assume to be a minty, menthol version of my favorite chocolate? At the very least I am impressed at the attempt.

This limited edition Kit Kat will be available for purchase at convenience stores in Japan from now until September 10th.

By Raphael Madrid

Raphael is a lot better at eating than he is cooking. He also opts for the al pastor over the carne asada in his tacos and burritos. Mild in the streets, picante in the sheets. Vegeta > Vegetables.