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Costco’s New Sparkling Water Flavors Are Just Like LaCroix…But Are Half The Price

When it comes to sparkling waters, there’s no name bigger than LaCroix. With flavors like pamplemousse (OK, OK it’s just grapefruit) and key lime, it’s the brand to stock in your fridge. However, devoted fans might find that keeping themselves stocked with the stuff can get pretty pricey—especially if you sub several cans of LaCroix for your daily dose of H2O (speaking of—are you getting enough?). But Costco shoppers, rejoice! The brand has released an alternative to LaCroix at a fraction of the cost.

Costco’s less expensive alternative

Costco released three new flavors of Kirkland Sparkling water: lime, lemon and grapefruit. These are some of the most popular LaCroix flavors, so the brand definitely will be experiencing a bit of competition! When it comes to price, though, Costco definitely takes the case. $7.99 gets you a 32-pack of Kirkland Sparkling Water (that’s about $0.23 per can) while a 24-pack of LaCroix runs at $7.99 at Costco (that’s $0.33 per can).

How do the Kirkland flavors taste?

From what we hear, the lime and lemon Kirkland flavors taste “exactly the same” as LaCroix, while the grapefruit flavor is slightly different from LaCroix’s “Pamplemousse.” For less than a quarter a can, it’s likely worth trying these new sparkling waters if your a die hard fan of the bubbly stuff!

Speaking of, ever wonder what the difference is between seltzer, tonic and sparkling water? We’ve got the answer right here.

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