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Costco Has Been Spotted Selling Enormous Lobster Claws In Some Stores

Lobsters are one of the more unique crustaceans we capture and eat on a regular basis. The older they get, the bigger they tend to grow, with some stretching out to some ridiculously massive proportions.

It seems like some Costco stores may have been able find a supplier of these recently, as a few have been spotted carrying the massive claws of these lobsters.

The claws vary in size, but usually weigh somewhere in the range of 2 to 7 pounds. It’s mainly been folks across California reporting on the claws, so for now, that seems to be where they are sold. For example, the above lobster claw photo from Instagrammer @julesfood came from a Costco somewhere near Newport Beach, while the below Instagram photo was geo-tagged in the Oakland, California area.

Users on Reddit have also noted the humongous claws being sold, with posts going back as far as mid-January of 2019.

The biggest lobster claw I’ve ever seen from r/mildlyinteresting


Some commenters questioned whether selling the lobsters were illegal. If they’re being packed and shipped from Maine, though, it seems to be okay. In 2011, state legislators passed laws rolling back regulations on lobster processors, allowing them to sell the oversized lobsters. On average, about 1 percent of lobsters shipped in from places like Canada can be oversized, weighing up to 15 pounds. The tail meat is usually converted into lobster products you’d find in grocery stores, but it seems like these claws can make it to places like Costco.

By Constantine Spyrou

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