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Coors Light Debuts Billboards Designed to Cool Buildings Down

Billboards nobody can see but everyone can feel were the inspiration behind Coors Light’s latest new ad campaign, “Chillboards.” With temperatures continuously rising to above 90-degrees in Miami, Coors Light decided it was time to step in to cool buildings down, just like their beers are made to cool you down.

The ‘chill’ beer brand is debuting “Chillboards” — the world’s first rooftop billboard that is proven to decrease temperatures on 96 apartments in Miami. The one-of-a-kind billboard is painted with a special white paint known as Mule-Hide white roof coating that can reflect 85% of sunlight, which through testing had revealed temperatures of the roof decreasing by as much as 50 degrees.

The new rooftop ads which have different phrases like, “Chillboards” and “Ads Nobody Can See, But Everyone Can Feel,” are written in the font “coolest” — designed to cover 96% of the surface space in reflective white paint.

To extend the chill factor across the nation, Coors Light is giving away 5,000 gallons of white paint starting today and running through May 12, while supplies last. Fans looking to enter for a chance to win can visit Coors Light’s Instagram and Twitter social media channels to participate.