Cool Haus and Star Trek Collaborate On A New Flavor, ‘Wrath of P’Khan’

Before you even read the rest of this article, know that Cool Haus and Star Trek get the gold medal for best food pun of the year. I know 2022 isn’t over, but who out there really gonna beat this? Wrath of P’Khan is just *chefs kiss* (It’s a pun on Pecan for the non-Trekkies currently reading).

Touted as the the most iconic and impactful Star Trek film, The Wrath of Khan just turned 40 and birthday cake and ice cream are required for it to be a proper celebration. A powerhaus in the ice cream game, Cool Haus, has gotten together with Star Trek to create the Wrath of P’KHAAAAAAAN flavor.

Fans can head to Cool Haus locations now to check out the limited edition flavor.