Coca-Cola Mooo-ves into the Premium Milk Market


Beverage giant Coca-Cola is treading into milkier waters with the debut of their newest drink: Fairlife. While the beverage company has been known to produce beverages that aren’t soda (water, tea, sports drinks), this will be their first milk product.

The milk is said to be “ultra-filtered” and lactose-free, which should catch the attention of those looking for milk alternatives. According to the Fairlife site, the beverages boast less sugar, more protein and more calcium than regular milk.

Sounds good so far. As always, however, there’s a catch. Fairlife will cost you about twice as much as regular milk.

Additional flavors of Fairlife include fat-free, 2 percent reduced fat, whole and chocolate. The Coca-Cola milk product can be found at select grocery retailers next month, including Target and Walmart.


You might remember a handle of ads floating around last year of nude women covered in milk. Yep, this is it.

A half gallon of Fairlife is said to be priced around $4.

By Peter Pham

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