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Massive Consumer Outcry Brings Coffeemate’s ‘Amaretto’ Flavor Back From Retirement


Home coffee drinkers have some great news to wake up to this morning. Coffee-mate, the coffee creamer brand, has announced they’ll be bringing back their popular Amaretto flavor this month.

Towards the end of 2014, the creamer company decided to retire Amaretto and focus on its other flavors. However, early in 2015, fans got to work getting their sweet Italian liqueur flavor back on shelves. This included emails, phone calls, social media posts and even snail mail letters.

The movement was led by a woman named Judy who really loved the creamer flavor, leading to the hashtag #ThankYouJudy for the comeback campaign.

You can find Coffeemate’s Amaretto flavor at participating grocery retailers for a limited time. If you’re an avid fan like Judy, you might want to stock up before they return to retirement.

Photo: Kevin Fowler/AP Images for Nestle/Coffeemate

By Peter Pham

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