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Cloud 11 Cannabis Confections Make Edibles A Gourmet Experience

Photo by Autumn Communications

It’s fascinating to watch how cannabis is becoming more present in our everyday lives. From the colorful and creative branding, to the inventive ways in which we consume it, what was once taboo, has now become a household name.

Alone, edible cannabis has experienced considerable innovation due to growth in demand. Companies today have a heavy focus on developing faster-acting and more strain-specific edibles as consumers become more savvy. Seattle-based cannabis analytics firm Headset compiled data which shows that sales of adult and medical use rose 60% across seven state markets in 2020.

One company taking the edible experience further is Cloud 11, a Los Angeles-based cannabis-infused confections brand. The founders Chef Nick Pritzker and Eleven Madison Park alum Chef Mauela Sanin set out to introduce gastronomy to edibles, set on elevating “the experience of cannabis itself.” Buoyed by advances in infusion technology, Cloud11 delivers a truly haute confection.

Their first offerings include three desserts; Salted Peanut, Strawberry Pink Peppercorn, and Black Sesame Yuzu. Salted Peanut is like a buttercup in a tuxedo, it has a tiny crunch before the salty sweet ganache sweeps you away. Strawberry Pink peppercorn, however, is a creamy drop of sweet bitterness that melts on your tongue. While Black Sesame Yuzu is deep and rich, every bite deserving to be savored. I must say that these confections are closer to a delicacy than a snack. 

Photo by Autumn Communications

Chocolates come with 2mg and 4mg THC/CBD options which are available online via white-glove delivery exclusively in Los Angeles. Flavors come in 11-piece tins with two-size options. Single tins include one flavor and dosage while double tins offer two flavor and dosage options. If you’re looking to truly elevate your dinner party or impress a special someone, you can visit Cloud 11 confections here.