Church Gives Away Chick-Fil-A Gift Cards to Married, Heterosexual Couples


This past Sunday, May 19th, a church located in Ohio offered $25 Chick-fil-A gift cards to every married, “husband and wife” couple. The advertisement (above) promoting this event was posted in a Dayton newspaper and lead with the headline “A Day to Honor Biblical Marriage.”

It should be noted that while the ad does feature Chick-fil-A’s classic logo and mascot, the fast food chain told HuffPo in an email that they did not sponsor the event. The cards were reportedly purchased by a local restaurant and donated to the Cornerstone Baptist Temple.

Still, it’s unfortunate for a company already infamous for their CEO’s anti-gay statements to be connected to a blatantly prejudiced incident. The controversial ad was originally spotted by Reddit user jking191. The post began an intense discussion, with many commenting that the views of any individual Chick-fil-A restaurant does not support the view of the entire company. A valid point, as just last March a location in California offered free meals to gay marriage supporters during a nearby demonstration.

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8 replies on “Church Gives Away Chick-Fil-A Gift Cards to Married, Heterosexual Couples”

Can I please point out the amusing hypocrisy? Their pastor’s name is RAPER. That’s not going to end well.
Also, screw their bigoted giveaway. I hope a really butch chick and her wife score free food because the server can’t tell they’re a girl.

I might be in the minority here, but why should a church not be allowed to speak THEIR mind or support what THEY believe in? Don’t get me wrong, I think gays should be able to marry all day long, they shouldn’t have to adhere to biblical standards if they don’t want to. But if a business or a church wants to support straight marriage, why not? It hasn’t gotten much attention lately, and after all, there’s nothing wrong with being straight either.

It depends on how you look at the situation. If you look at it as them rallying together and stating that homosexual couples don’t have a right to marry and should not be treated as a heterosexual couple then it’s the same reasoning as why racist people should not be able to get together and say “kill all black people”. If you look at it as just them getting together as a inclusive promotion within their own church or general religious community (which is possible) then there isn’t anything wrong with it per se. It all depends on the end intent they’re trying to express by the event itself, which is left open and not specifically stated other than to say they’re honoring marriage between a man and woman, much like mother’s day honors mothers. It’s all situational and if it becomes a big hate-fest I’m sure it’ll come out in the news. If it’s just a regular gathering it’ll go by without much fanfare and this will be the only record of it even existing.

I didn’t say it was the same as people saying it, I said it was the same as them being ALLOWED to get together and express that opinion. Re-read what I wrote and pay closer attention. I’m saying is if it’s a hate-rally against them they shouldn’t be allowed to get together and proclaim it anymore than any other group that gets together and declares hatred for another.

This reminds me of how some churches in the 1960’s wanted to move to a “more clean-cut, Godly neighborhood,” which was code for less black people. When they say they support “biblical marriage,” what they are really saying is they want to ban marriage for gay people, and pretend that sexual orientation is a choice, polygamy wasn’t the norm in biblical times, and that us gay people are choosing to “sin.” I don’t care what some people choose to believe, what I care about is the well-being of my family, and our love and committment to each other.

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