Chuck E. Cheese’s New Millennial Menu Has A MAC & CHEESE PIZZA


For years, Chuck E. Cheese has been pretty constant with its menu. It’s not like kids are going to complain about cheese and dough quality when there’s games to be played. That changed earlier this year when the entertainment center revealed a redesigned menu that featured boneless wings, wraps, speciality thin-crust pizzas and even churros.

Now, things are changing yet again, NRN reports. Chuck E. Cheese is preparing to launch its first limited-time menu item: a macaroni and cheese pizza.


Photo: Ron Ruggless

Gregory Casale, the chain’s director of culinary innovation, was a former fine-dining chef. His goal was for people to give the party center a second look and see that their pizza can stand along with all the other pizza chains out there.

Developed towards a millennial crowd of parents and kids, the new menu boasts the tagline:

“We’re not playing games with your food anymore.”

Wait, so what were they doing before? It’s been a while since our last trip, but we didn’t think the pizza and wings were that bad.

One of the newer items, the spinach and mushroom-topped Cali Alfredo pizza seems to be doing very well for the brand since it appeared on the menu back in April.

The Mac-Cheesy Pizza makes its debut in October and will be available through the end of the year. Afterwards, Chuck E. Cheese will launch another limited item.

Our fondest memories were of the breadsticks dipped in ranch dressing. Hopefully that never changes.


By Peter Pham

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