Chopstick Straws Forever Change the Soup Game


Let’s file this under “things we’ve been waiting our whole life for.”

Being able to literally have your ramen and drink it too is a reality with these Soup Straws. Imagine chopsticks, now think of them hollowed out with an opening at each end and a series of holes at the tip. This is some serious next level sorcery right here.

An innovative idea by designer, Julian Lechner, these Soup Straws mean the end of awkwardly slurping up your broth while simultaneously trying to shove noodles and meat into your mouth. Because trying to get that perfect ramen bite is a real life struggle.


Unfortunately, this invention is only a concept for now. We’re hoping that some food-loving investor will see how necessary this is and pony up the funds to get Soup Straws at ramen restaurants everywhere. Until then, maybe just pop a straw into your bowl of soup to get at that broth. Or you could use a spoon, that might work too.

H/T Gizmodo + PicThx Julian Lechner

By Ashley Khawsy

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Great idea and I would love to sell these on my website when they become available. My one issue is with the holes on the side. The way its designed it will be able to suck up the soup until it starts to get low. Get rid of the 6 holes on the side and swap it out for one hole at the very tip of the cop sticks. This will allow people to drink all of their soup.

Two things against this idea:

1. Just like you will never want to drink hot coffee with a straw (while it’s still hot), if you ever tried it you will know the hot liquid is exponentially hotter if you drink it that way due to lack of air movement to make it less hot before touching you tongue.

2. In many Asian culture: Chinese and Japanese at least, using your chopstick deeply offend the culture. I guess if you doing it in your home nobody should care though.

Why does non-asians using chopsticks deeply offend asian culture? I would think that non-asians trying to eat asian food as asians do would give off the exact opposite vibe. I see it as more respectful to use chopsticks than to ask for a fork. Am I wrong?

think you guys mis-read that. he meant that sticking ur chopsticks vertically in is offensive. (if you watched The Wolverine movie there’s this scene which kinda shows it)

Whoops, my bad, I meant to say “using chopstick other than picking up food” (unless it’s a game) is not promoted. You can’t even hold the chopsticks one on each hand because that’s considered as rude, let alone using it as a straw.

I’m sorry, but I just can NOT see drinking my soup through a straw. Even an Asian friend of mine, who has heard about this, said “no way.” She uses chopsticks for the parts you can chew and she’ll pick her bowl up and sip the broth right from the bowl. Me, I use a spoon for the broth. Because, well… I’m American, LOL. I always tease her that she eats with her face. She just laughs and says “Oh you!” and puts her face back into her food, haha.

She’s the one who showed me how to use chopsticks, though, and I swear, no matter how much I practice, I just can’t get the hang of them. I even bought these real pretty chopsticks from our local Asian market, so I can practice with them at home. And I just can’t do it properly, although I still continue to try. But for me, I’ll use them for the actual food only. I couldn’t even fathom sucking broth through them.

this shouldn’t be file under “things we’ve been waiting our whole life for”.
It should be file under “its not done for a reason”

There are 2 reasons why its not done:
1. drinking hot liquid with a straw = burnt tongue, ouch!
2. in many asian cultures, drinking carefully prepared broth/soup with a straw is an insult and offensive to the chef. Very disrespectful.

Lets hope the author/inventor have the integrity to keep this as a prototype and stop it there.

convenience sometimes kills the art of living. The experience of slurping the deliciousness of the soup from the bowl is lost by sucking it through the straw. Simplicity is best, let’s use the money, time and energy to invent something more meaningful than that will take away the joy of eating.

Let us file this idea under stupid ass solutions looking for a problem. Forget the cultural baggage that comes with chopsticks because to the inventor they obviously mean nothing to him, especially being German. But moving on.

1) As someone else pointed out… drinking a bowl of hot soup. With a straw. About as sensible as starting a second front and having it be a land war in Asia.

2) After 3000 or so years of it’s use as an eating utensil. I find it really REALLY REALLY hard to believe that no one else has tried this idea and it’s taken some designer in Germany to help us realise “OH WOW THEY COULD BE STRAWS TOO!” Colour me sceptical on that idea. It has in all likelihood been considered, been found wanting greatly. then binned on the reject pile of history where it belongs.

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