Chocolate Mountains

This might be one of the most detailed desserts I’ve ever seen. Designer Brynhildur Pálsdóttir working with Iceland’s premier chocolate company, Hafliði Ragnarsson, developed and produced these incredibly complex treats. There are four multi-layered mountains that are edible models of real geological structures. (Thx CoolHunting)

The Jökull chocolate represents Iceland’s glaciers with white chocolate shaped over a dark chocolate and filled with caramel “magma” and white coconut chocolate. The Eldborg milk chocolate (shown at the top) made with almonds, caramel and nut biscuit, is modeled after a lava ring crater that is only common to certain areas in Iceland.

The Drangar dark chocolate is made of macadamia nuts and sugar-roasted coffee beans. Pálsdóttir explains that the stacks in the mountains form when a cape erodes, and then over time they disappear. Just like when you eat chocolate.

Lastly we have the Stapi dark chocolate filled with pistachio cream, pistachios and Icelandic tonka pepper. It is also covered in white chocolate at the top, symbolizing its distinct volcano form. These chocolates are all mini pieces of art, so much that it would almost be difficult to eat because I wouldn’t want to ruin something so awesome. Then again I’m sure they might be some of the best chocolates on this planet.

By Taylor Corner

Taylor is a wanderer from the streetwear and skate industries. He maintains a wealth of knowledge and experience eating out in Southern California.

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