Chocolate Covered Company Debuts Chocolate Covered Jalapenos

The culinary creatives over at the Chocolate Covered Company have engineered a bevvy of selections to satiate both your sweet tooth and your fiery fix. Choose from sweet or spicy peppers, or a combination of the two if you can’t be bothered to make up your mind. Top that off with a dark, white, or milk chocolate covered dip, and have it shipped to your doorstep with CCC’s delivery service.

Chocolate covered jalapenos.

There is a god, check it out here.

By Sophie He

Sophie He is a twenty-something year-old Silly Billy who recently moved to the bizarro neighborhood of Los Angeles that is Koreatown. She lives walking distance from an excess of dive bars, AYCE BBQ joints, taco trucks, cafes, and restaurants up the wazoo. She drinks black coffee in the morning everyday and puts Sriracha on pretty much everything.

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