Chocolate Coasters Won’t Melt In Your Mouth & Probably Won’t Taste Good Either


The only bad thing about getting someone a box of chocolates for Valentine’s Day is that the gift will eventually disappear. (Or is that the best part about chocolates?)

Either way, the gift won’t last forever, but what if you want to give chocolates that will outlast the cravings? This is one sure way to make it happen: Chocolate coasters.

This four-piece set will prove to everyone (or anyone who visits your place, anyways) that you’re bona-fide chocoholic. Just make sure you remind your guests that the coasters are made of rubber — no dipping allowed.

Chocolate Coasters $16 @ Animic USA

By Jennifer Lai

At the ripe age of three, Jennifer Lai sampled dishes as diverse as foie gras, jellyfish, and chicken feet. She was born Canadian, hails from Los Angeles, and lived in Berkeley and Chicago before moving to New York, where she now resides and writes. She spends at least one night a week compulsively roasting vegetables and re-watching episodes of Good Eats -- sometimes at the same time.

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