Oh Lawd: Chips Ahoy to Make Ice Cream-Inspired Cookies


Because regular chocolate chip cookies are soooo 2013, Chips Ahoy is releasing four new flavors of ice-cream inspired treats.  Claiming “no melting, no brain freeze” these take all the “trouble” (if you can call it that) out of ice cream and gives you your favorite flavors in cookie form.

Dulce de Leche-inspired cookies will feature caramel cookie base with dulce de leche chips. Mint Chocolate takes an unusual approach with dark chocolate cookies and mint chips. Mocha Chunk (a personal favorite) unites the classic chocolate chip cookie with mocha chunks for added crunch. And perhaps the most unique of the bunch, Root Beer Float, features vanilla and root beer chips mixed into what we can only hope is a vanilla ice cream-flavored cookie.

No word yet on how truly these match up to our favorite frozen treats, but given how frigid it is outside, I’m definitely feeling a warm cookie over any form of cold dessert.

So what do you think? Stick with the ice cream or would you give these a try?

Picthx Chips Ahoy!

By Nora Landis-Shack

Nora Landis-Shack was born to be a foodie. With a classically trained French chef for a father, she’s been exploring new tastes since she was big enough to help chop vegetables for dinner. Pig’s feet, frog’s legs, and tripe are delicious child’s play. Which isn’t to say she doesn’t love a great steak. Because she does. With frites, please.

1 reply on “Oh Lawd: Chips Ahoy to Make Ice Cream-Inspired Cookies”

So if we eat these with “cookie dough” flavor ice cream, does the universe implode?

Now I want Chips Ahoy to put out a variety pack with all of the flavors, as I don’t expect any of them to be very good, but I would like to try them just to see what the deal is.

Or I want a supermarket source of dulce de leche chips to make the caramel ones at home…

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