Chipotle: iPhone Ordering App


If you are a fan of Chipotle, you know that during rush times you do not want to try to go order food. The line is out the door everyday at lunch and peek dinner hours, and you have to wait so long sometimes that you aren’t even hungry anymore. Chipotle has been offering the fax in order option for awhile now, where you can fax in your order and skip the line and just go straight to paying. But my pockets aren’t big enough for a fax machine, they are however big enough for my iPhone. Now presenting the Chipotle ordering app. Check out the details after the jump. (Thx Grubgrade)


Start off by deciding what you want.


Then decide what you would like in it.


Then make a decision of what sort of side dish you may or may not want with you’re 17 pound burrito.


Sign the name for your order.


And lastly check out!


When you are done with all of that, drive to your local Chipotle where you placed the order and pick up your food, hassle free from the line. Very smart, very smart.

By Taylor Corner

Taylor is a wanderer from the streetwear and skate industries. He maintains a wealth of knowledge and experience eating out in Southern California.

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