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We Found A Chipotle Location Testing Out Mini Churros

Photo: Constantine Spyrou // Foodbeast

Chipotle appears to be quietly looking at a new dessert option for its menu: mini churro loops dusted in cinnamon sugar.

Foodbeast caught wind of these being served out of a location in Orange County, and tracked them down to a restaurant in Irvine, California. Considering the proximity to Chipotle’s headquarters the next city over (Newport Beach), this could be the beginnings of a test to bring churros to the Chipotle masses nationwide.

These current churros could only be ordered via the Chipotle app, and come in a package of three. They’re also 100% vegan, which isn’t a knock on the churro at all. Some of the best churros I’ve tried have been completely plant-based as well.

Photo: Constantine Spyrou // Foodbeast

That being said, these aren’t going to beat the best churros ever, but they’re pretty tasty. They have a good crunch on the outside, and are a little dense on the inside, but overall still better than a Disneyland churro.

What stands out the most is the cinnamon sugar coating, which is more fragrant than you would initially expect for a churro. On the packaging Chipotle’s mini churros come in, it says that they use a blend of Indonesian and Vietnamese cinnamon, both of which are quite aromatic. That’s likely where that soothing smell comes from.

I missed having some cajeta (goat’s milk caramel) or chocolate sauce to dip these in, but overall, it’s a fine dessert addition that looks cool as well.

Photo: Constantine Spyrou // Foodbeast

If you’re in Irvine, you can head to the Chipotle near UC Irvine to try these. For those around Orange County, there may be other restaurants testing that we didn’t find; if you do locate one via the app, be sure to let us know! We’ll be keeping an eye out to see where these Chipotle churros spread to next.

By Constantine Spyrou

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