Here’s How Much Money Chipotle CEOs Lost After The Sh*t That Went Down Last Year


Last year was a pretty rough year for Chipotle. The quick service Mexican Grill saw dozens of customers get sick from either the norovirus or e. coli. With stocks falling, it’s no surprise that the company’s co-CEOs are taking a pay cut.

USA Today reports that both Steve Ells and Monty Moran suffered compensation cuts of 50% in 2015. This drops their earnings to $13.8 million (from $28.9) and $13.6 million (from $28.4), respectively.

It looks like they’ll have to tighten their belts as they figure out how to get revenue up for the QSR chain.

Still, Chipotle seems like a decent place to grab a drink after work. Hopefully things look up for them in the 2016 year.

Photo: Google Maps

By Peter Pham

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