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This Is Who Chipotle’s Blaming For Scaring Their Customers Away


Chipotle’s in the news again. No, people haven’t gotten sick from another outbreak of E. coli or norovirus. At least that we know of. Rather, the fast-casual Mexican Grill called out the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in a letter for scaring away their customers.

According to Chipotle’s lawyers, the CDC was too eager to update the public on all the food borne illnesses that happened at the restaurant chain. This led to unnecessarily intensifying the public’s concern.

While Chipotle admits that early announcements of all the outbreaks were important to public safety, the ones that followed were only scared patrons rather than provide further, or useful, information.

The CDC responded with a letter also, saying that they followed the guidelines to protect and inform the public during all the stuff that went down last year. They felt all the updates served a purpose as the threat was still “ongoing.”

Do you think Chipotle was right to call the government agency out? Or do you feel better being up-to-date with every detail that went down during the outbreaks?

By Peter Pham

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