Chinese Girls Demand Cooked Sushi at World’s Best Sushi Bar. What Happens Next is NOT Shocking


When it comes to sushi, you either love it or you don’t. Sure it’s an acquired taste, but we all know what sushi is. Well apparently this Chinese student didn’t, and when she and her friends visited a rather famous sushi house while studying in Japan, she ended up pissing off the owners and went online to rant on Weibo (the Chinese Facebook) and bad mouth them thinking that her friends would back her up.

Instead, she was met with a backlash of public shame and many called her a disgrace to her country. If this story doesn’t make your Monday just a little more tolerable, it’ll at least put you in the mood for sushi.


Chinese student Chuhan Lin was studying in Japan when she and four friends decided to try sushi at a branch of the famous Sukiyabashi Jiro restaurant in Roppongi, Japan, made famous from the documentary Jiro Dreams of Sushi. The restaurant was managed by one of Jiro’s sons and is known the world over for pretty much the best sushi ever.


To eat at this restaurant, you have to make a reservation and pick what you eat before you get there so that they make sure they prepare all the items you order as fresh as possible. Well Lin and her four friends, all Chinese students, showed up 40 minutes late and never even apologized. That’s strike one.

In the restaurant they have a common locker where patrons can store all their things while they eat. One of Lin’s friends wanted to get her wallet from the locker, but didn’t bother to ask the staff to assist her like any normal person would. When someone did find her trying to break in to the communal locker, she was told off, and we are sure the language barrier didn’t help much either. That’s strike two.

It turned out that two of Lin’s friends didn’t actually like raw fish. Why the hell would they go to sushi then, right? Her two friends ended up bailing to eat deep-fried pork somewhere else down the street- how classy. With only three friends left and a pre-ordered meal waiting for them, they cancelled everything and asked the sushi chef to just cook all the raw fish and package it to go. That was strike three.

The sushi master, probably pissed at these unappreciative kids, asked, “Is sushi served cooked in your country? If you can’t handle raw food, you should have informed us when you made the reservation!”

So Lin replied, “Who knew!? I didn’t make the reservation!”

Best comeback ever…

In her post, she ranted about their poor treatment saying, “If we were Abe! If we were Obama! Would he dare to show such an attitude?”

She posted her entire experience on Weibo, thinking that her Chinese friends would agree that the restaurant treated her badly. Instead, her rant turned into a public shaming with many netizens calling her a “national disgrace,” probably for her embarrassing amount of cultural unawareness.


She eventually took down her post, saying that, “the whole world is scolding me.” It was reported afterwards she went back to the sushi restaurant and apologized to them to which they responded she is always welcome back when she develops a taste for sushi.

So if you are going to try something new today, maybe look it up a little and ask about it beforehand so you don’t get caught in any sticky situations. And please, always remember to be respectful of other people’s differences because we all love to crucify stupidity on social media.

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I think the author of this article is the one who should have been publicly scolded.. Reading this article brought me to tears as the english language was brutally sodomised time and time again throughout the article.

The spark of a journalist dream was surely present. But it has clearly failed to escape the teenage body and mentality of this articles author

Okay, wait… the math is wrong here. Lin went in with four friends. That would make a total of five people. Right? Two of them left to go eat pork. That would make TWO friends left, not three.

Unless the author meant to say that there were only three of them left, INCLUDING Lin.

I dunno, man, asking for cooked sushi is about as low as one can get.

However, some sushi does contain cooked product, like cooked shrimp. I’ve seen nigiri made with cooked shrimp before. Sashimi is the completely raw stuff.

Exactly. Not all sushi is made with raw product. I personally don’t like raw seafood, so when and if I have sushi, there’s not ONE raw piece of ANYTHING on it.

I understand that a renowned sushi artist may feel offended at someone asking them to offer cooked seafood, but I don’t think it needs to warrant such a harsh reaction. Just as much as they don’t want someone asking them to cook their sushi, the average human being doesn’t appreciate being yelled at, either. They are the customer, after all, and if it weren’t for your customers, you wouldn’t have a business.

Just politely say “sorry, we don’t cook any of our sushi ingredients, is there anything else I can make for you?” and be done with it. At that time it will be up to the customer to choose something else or leave the restaurant. So one reservation got flubbed up, big deal.

It seems more than a bit incredulous that these students were studying in Japan and didn’t know what sushi is nor that they were eating at the most famous sushi restaurant in the world! Do they live under a rock?

DEFINITELY EMBARRASSING ON HER PART!!! AND SHAME TO HER! SERIOUSLY!!! I’m Asian (Thai), grew up overseas most of my life, and let me just say, even in Asia, Chinese/Hong Kong/Taiwanese people are loud and cantankerous at restaurants! Thai people are super polite, friendly and respectful and considerate. I’m not making a generalization, just my observation and experience. I’m just really baffled and cringed when I read this article because that’s REALLY REALLY RUDE of them to be disrespectful at Jiro’s World-renowned Restaurant that ANYONE Would be so lucky to dine there!! Ugh…some people. SMH.

Just a case of a tourist doing stupid, ignorant and disrespectful things. Nothing too unique right? Unfortunately some people (read: tools) will turn this into yet another racially and politically charged China vs. Japan issue.

Let the racism begin! (or should i say way-cishm) 😀

Agree with Linda Lovelush. They are the customer, after all, and if it weren’t for your customers, you wouldn’t have a business. Moreover, they are the best in the world… so what? What if they serve whale meat? Does being rated the best mean your customers have no right to complain? In China, everything is cooked to prevent spread of disease – in this case salmonella. Tea is boiled to prevent disease. As a commenter posted below, even that same restaurant serves cooked shrimp. So cooking seafood is not an unusual order.

Watch the documentary. You can see that the sushi chefs take all day and many nights before preparing the food and menu. The time and effort they put into it is why the meals are 300 usd and up and customers still find it is worth it. The waitlist is a month long, for them to show up 40 minutes late is disrespectful to other waiting customers.

He creates the menu and prepares the sushi individually for up to ten customers for the lunch or dinner at a time, so that it is difficult for him to cook something different unplanned. And I can’t even imagine Jiro Ono disrespecting his customers. He notices the smallest details and tries to accommodate everyone. If they had let him know earlier he would have accommodated cooked sushi.

The menu was chosen beforehand and yes, while customers have the right to complain, I think there is also an awful culture used to getting returns or exchanges or returning anything they don’t like even though it was exactly what they ordered. He is an artist and human, he can get offended. The owner LOVES making sushi, and it is his life. The tuna and other vendors trust that Jiro appreciates the top class ingredients they provide and will cook and serve it in the best way. Asking him to ruin the fish he has marinated for days by cooking it is really hurtful to all those involved in choosing the fish meat that is going to waste.

I’m Chinese American but I have experienced firsthand the ignorance and stubborness of certain spoiled Chinese college kids. Some of them only know that they can use money to get anything they want and will often ignore the consequences. Of course not all are like that. But this story is not unbelievable.

“Uh… yeah… she’s real pretty & everything Leonardo… but… I’m actually kind of partial to blonde’s?”

Also… I wasn’t aware it was a secret that “sushi” (mostly) is uncooked.

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