This Restaurant In China Was Caught Charging Customers For CLEAN AIR


It seems a restaurant in Zhangjiagang city, one of China’s most heavily polluted cities, was caught charging its diners a “air cleaning fee.” BBC reports that the patrons were charged one yuan (15 cents US) as a fee for purifying the air since the establishment.

The owners had bought an air filtration system. Unfortunately, they decided not to give customers any warning when they added the charges to their bills. When patrons did find out, they were more than happy to express their dissatisfaction with the local government.

Photo: SCMP Pictures

Because it was an illegal charge, the owners of the restaurant had to stop charging patrons for the air-cleansing fee.

Chinese social media users caught wind of the fee and expressed their delight over eating in clean air. The problem, however, wasn’t the how small the fee was. It was the restaurant’s owners decision to charge patrons without telling them.


By Peter Pham

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