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Rapper Chief Keef Had A Blunt-And-Lean Birthday Cake, Because Hip Hop

Chief Keef is a rapper whose lyrics might be a little indecipherable, but there’s no confusing what his birthday cake was saying.

The “Almighty Sosa” just turned 21, and his cake very much encompassed his personality, featuring not only some pretty trippy Bill Da Butcher artwork, but also a bottle of promethazine with codeine cough syrup and even some rolled marijuana blunts.

The three-tier cake also featured a heavy amount of gold chains and of course, 21 candles, because there had to at least be one traditional thing on this.

According to TMZ, the cake was made at a bakery called Cake and Art in West Hollywood, and didn’t actually contain any illegal substances, just lookalikes. It took 4 hours to make and cost about $1,000.

Clearly the birthday candles weren’t the only thing lit on this cake

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