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Chicken Sashimi Is A Real Thing, And The Internet Is Freaking Out

Chicken Sashimi isn’t a very common dish in the U.S. because the thought of salmonella poisoning immediately invades your brain, but it is real, and apparently can be safe.

Food and Wine chimed in on this Japanese delicacy, asking the question if eating raw chicken is ever a good idea.

It’s a great article, as they consulted a dietician, and pointed out that it is popular in Japan, though only done at a couple of places in the U.S. They stressed that you better be told every single small detail about how that chicken was raised, handled, prepared, and served, because you don’t want to be served raw chicken that’s anything less than perfect, from top to bottom.

If you are sure that you are getting the highest quality chicken and have zero reservations about the raw dish in front of you, then you could be OK, but people on Twitter did not care, and were not down to get anywhere near a raw chicken plate.

When Food and Wine reposted the article on September 5, Twitter users went off:

The Obvious Meme

Migos Does Not Approve

Simon Makes His Return

Diarrhea of The Thoughts

Some Weren’t Sticking Around

I feel ya, Adam

Response From The Sunken Place

As someone who went through a pretty rough week of Salmonella poisoning, I probably won’t channel my inner daredevil for this sashimi, no matter how safe it is.

At this moment, I’m with all y’all, and will refer to Gordon Ramsay:

Featured pic via Food and Wine Twitter

By Isai Rocha

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