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This Chicago Bar Is Serving SPAM Mai Tais Straight Out Of The Can

When you think “Mai Tai,” it’s typically a refreshing, tropical cocktail that screams “Summer” upon the first sip. At The Duck Inn in Chicago, you can get one offered up with an interesting twist: SPAM®.

For SPAM® Restaurant Month, The Duck Inn will be serving up this unique spin on a traditional cocktail. The SPAM® Mai Tai doesn’t have any actual meat in it, but instead uses a cool process to infuse its flavor into the drink.

In this case, lard and SPAM® are rendered together and mixed with liquor overnight. Afterwards, the spirits are drained, leaving behind its flavor to add a new level of aroma to the Mai Tai.

Along with fresh pineapple juice, lime and bitters, the Duck Inn’s SPAM® Mai Tai is served in a SPAM® can on ice.

SPAM® may not be the most conventional cocktail ingredient, but as mixologists clamor to concoct inventive cocktails, in this form, SPAM® adds a depth of flavor to a tropical cocktail making it a must-try.

The Duck Inn will have the SPAM® Mai Tai around for all of August as part of SPAM® Restaurant Month.

Created in partnership with SPAM®

By Constantine Spyrou

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